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With Q4 2023 upon us, we are progressing with our fundraising round. Below, is a copy of some documents we have put together and links to useful resources.

The Vision

Video of what we're building here...

Investment example

A high level summary

To provide context to your potential investment.

Presuming John Smith invested £5k ahead of the round on Seedrs (the crowdfunding platform we'll go on) and in time for SEIS, using the ASA (Advance Subscription Agreement). 

John would:

- Be guaranteed 20% discount (as an early investor). So, John would in effect get £6k worth of investment, for the price of £5k.

- Get his SEIS certificate (once round had closed on Seedrs) to use as tax relief.

- Have his investment wrapped up in SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), for Cap Table (Capitalisation Table) simplification purposes.

- Get a SORT IT trowel paperweight with his name on it.

- Be part of a high growth potential startup.

SORT IT would:

- For each £1 invested, be matched with £0.75 by a Government Grant. Effectively, every £1 invested gives the business £1.75 in working capital.

- Allocate an additional 20% share of John's investment to John, for being an early investor. That is, £5k equals £6k (20% extra makes £6k).

- On a first come first serve basis, set aside SEIS allocation for John (the Government has allocated us £250k). This means that if John held his investment in the business for the first 3 years:

     A. If the company was still active and John gained value on his shares, there would be no Capital Gains against the investment.

     B. If the company became insolvent, John could offset up to 50% of the loss against his Tax (£3k in this example). 

See Investor Docs Section for more info


A high level summary

2024 wil be a very busy year for SORT IT.

Strategically, plans include:

  1. Expand into Malta - using the Maltese Government finance.

  2. Close our pre-seed round on Seedrs.

  3. Onboarding 50% of all merchants in London and the SE.

  4. Increasing users to 3,000.

  5. Get additional partnerships with manufacturers and others who want to advertise on the platform.

  6. Sell subscriptions of our API to other construction tech firms (already have LOIs from Gigbridge, Skibby and GoTradie).

Technically, plans include:

  1. Incorporating the floorplan recognition AI functionality, to enable users to cost directly from floorplans.

  2. Building project functionality, where users can monitor the costs across a project.

  3. Enable users to order through the platform.

  4. Building log on functionality.

  5. And loads of other stuff...

See Investor Docs and Other Links for more info.

Investment Timeline

How it works

In short, SORT IT needs to have:

- £50k invested through ASA (and on the books) and £50k committed (promised on the Term Sheet) to be approved by Maltese Government for Maltese Finance.

- £50k invested through ASA (and on the books) and £50k committed (promised on the Term Sheet) SEEDRS public crowdfund. This is the same platform where Revolut and others are listed, and where you can buy and sell their shares.

In practice (and to massively simplify) the timeline looks as follows:

Early cohort
investment (now)
Grant Approved
Crowdfunding platform
investment opens (SEEDRS)
SEEDRS closes & 
Investments rolled up
(with early cohort)
SEIS & Share Certificates issued to investors
Listed on same platform as Revolut

See Investor Docs & Other Links sections for more info...

Investor documents

The following documents contain information on Generic Investment Facts, The Investment Summary Sheet and other docs.

Investment Summary

Early Cohort Opportunities

Investment Facts

Estimeo Valuation


Other Links

Links to other info...

To learn more about the team, go here...

To see the full pitch deck, go here...

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