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Merry Christmas to our SORT IT Followers and Fans!!

Just want to wish all our followers a very Merry Xmas!!

Christmas cracker joke:

Times were hard for Santa. He had taken on another job at the builder's merchants earlier in the year to make every month.

It was the end of the year now, he was getting tired and forgetful, and was his last day on the job. He did his last delivery and thought "Great - last time I'm delivering on a roof this year!"...

The day after Boxing Day, Mrs. Claus gets a message.

"Hi there,

Can someone at the North Pole explain why on top of our chimney we have:

- 3 x 3m lengths of 3"x2"

- 2 bags of plaster

- 4 sheets of plasterboard?"

If you find you have a few spare moments in Chrimbo Limbo (that time between Christmas and New Year) it would be great if you could fill out a questions for us to better the product here:

If you think we need to work on our Christmas Cracker jokes, or are interested in what we're doing and want to reach out - please get in touch at

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