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The construction news & info roundup: A low down on things we liked this week 👇✅...

💡 Product of the week 🔥 Maternity workwear from Blaklader💪...

Need some quality maternity workwear trousers? We've found the perfect fit!!...

Banter 😉👉😂...

What's a rusty hinge's favourite game?

Hide and squeak...! 🙈😂

🤤Trade PORN😍

Immense craftmanship and dedication @myselfreliance 👏👏 Anyone else dreaming of living here?!🪵🍁

📺 One to watch - did you catch Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis on Amazon? 👀


Ever dreamed of being a fly on the wall for a celebrity's house renovation?👀 You're in luck !! Check out our fav guilty pleasure show and this week's one to watch, Hollywood Houselift!! 😎🤩 (trust us, you won't regret it)

📰 Construction in the news 🏗️...

What is RAAC concrete and why is it a safety risk? Click the link below for all the important info:

🧠 Word - No-nonsense trade sense 🎓...

10/10 💪💪

A construction is worker standing on atop a wooden frame, which is set against a clear, blue sky in the background. The construction worker is bent over and using an electric drill. We cannot see the construction worker's face or any of their features. They are wearing chunky boots, a mid-blue pair of jeans, with a brown leather tool belt around their waist. They are also wearing a long-sleeved, grey t-shirt with a high-vis yellow vest on top, and a yellow hard hat. There is a grey box across the bottom of the picture, which contains the phrase 'believe in yourself as much as you believe in the foundations you've laid.' It is written in white and an all-caps, sans-serif font.

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SORT IT AI TEAM - Signing out of the week like!

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