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A low down on things we liked this week 👇✅...

💡 Product of the week 🔥Sun Pipe from COXDOME 💪. Want to save money but still have light in your home...

Banter 😉👉😂...

Did you hear about the time the Ground Machinery Contractor used a chat up line? It was ground breaking…

🤤Trade PORN😍

Quality Crown Moulding’s recent vid is 🔥

📺 One to watch - did you catch Clive Holland’s (off of Fix Radio) interview on Sky News? 👀

Clive’s honest interview is everything we’re thinking right now. Props to Clive 👏👏👏..

📰 Construction in the news 🏗... Councils warning they may not be able to carry out new road schemes, and will prioritise maintenance instead with rates up over 20%. Read more here

🧠 Word - No-nonsense trade sense 🎓...

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Or, if you want to complain about our terrible jokes, or actually like what we're doing then - equally - please drop us a line.

SORT IT AI TEAM - Signing out of the week like!

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