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Updated: Oct 3, 2023


The History of Celotex

Celotex, a versatile insulation material, has a rich history dating back to its first recorded use in a construction project. The Celotex Corporation was established in the early 1920s with a focus on manufacturing insulation from sugar cane fiber. Arguably, the most significant milestone in its history was in 1923 when Celotex was used for the first time in a construction project, marking its entrance into the building industry (Celotex Corporation, 1923). Since then, Celotex has become a preferred choice for construction insulation, renowned for its superior thermal performance and adaptability to varying building requirements.

Exposed Celotex in a wooden-based structure building project
Celotex installed in a room

Manufacturing Process of a Piece of Celotex

The manufacturing of a piece of Celotex involves a series of processes, each designed to ensure the production of high-quality insulation material:

  1. The process begins with the extraction and processing of raw sugarcane bagasse, an agricultural by-product (Davies, 2010).

  2. The bagasse is then treated and transformed into fibers, which form the basic component of the Celotex board (Davies, 2010).

  3. The fibers undergo a drying process to minimize moisture content and optimize insulation properties (Davies, 2010).

  4. The dry fibers are then combined with a binder and heat-pressed to form the Celotex board, giving it its distinctive structure and properties (Davies, 2010).

  5. The final step involves the cutting and packaging of the Celotex boards according to the specified dimensions for distribution (Davies, 2010).

The Price of an Average Piece of Celotex in the UK

The prices for an average piece of Celotex can vary across the constituent countries of the UK. Here is a summary of the estimated price ranges per country:

  1. England: The price of an average piece of Celotex ranges from £15 to £45 (Celotex Retailer, 2022).

  2. Scotland: In Scotland, the price range is slightly higher, with the cost of a piece of Celotex ranging from £20 to £50 (Celotex Retailer, 2022).

  3. Wales: The price range in Wales is similar to England, with an average piece of Celotex costing between £15 and £45 (Celotex Retailer, 2022).

  4. Northern Ireland: In Northern Ireland, the price for an average piece of Celotex ranges from £18 to £48 (Celotex Retailer, 2022).

Please note that these prices may vary based on factors such as the thickness of the board, the retailer, and the current market conditions.

Different Types of Celotex

Celotex insulation boards are versatile and come in a variety of types based on the raw materials used in their manufacture:

  1. Pir Celotex: This is the most common type of Celotex board. It's made from polyisocyanurate (PIR), a type of plastic, known for its superior thermal performance and lightweight features (Carpenter, 2019).

  2. Gypsum Celotex: Made from a combination of gypsum and PIR, this type of Celotex offers added fire resistance. It's often used in areas where fire safety is a priority (Carpenter, 2019).

  3. Fibreboard Celotex: This type contains a higher proportion of wood fibers and is typically used for soundproofing purposes due to its denser nature (Carpenter, 2019).

Each of these types has its unique properties and uses, making Celotex a versatile choice for varying insulation needs. It's always important to consider the specific requirements of a project when selecting the right type of Celotex.

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