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Updated: Oct 3, 2023


The History of Plywood Sheets

The use of plywood in construction dates back to ancient times. The earliest known occurrence of plywood was in ancient Egypt, around 3500 BC when wooden articles were made from sawn veneers glued together crosswise (Gutsell, 1936). This innovative technique ensured strength and resistance against warping. Over the centuries, the use of plywood sheets spread across civilizations, playing an instrumental role in the construction industry.

Stacked sheets of Plywood
Sheets of Plywood stacked on top of one another

Manufacturing Process of a Sheet of Plywood

The manufacturing process of a sheet of plywood involves several intricate steps, ensuring that the final product is durable and fit for purpose. Here is a sequential list of the processes involved in the production of a sheet of plywood:

  1. Log Selection and Conditioning: The logs, usually from softwood species, are selected and conditioned by soaking them in warm water to soften the timber (Plywood Association of Australia, 2015).

  2. Peeling: The conditioned logs are then fed into a lathe which peels off thin veneers from the log (Plywood Association of Australia, 2015).

  3. Drying: The veneers are dried to an optimum moisture content to facilitate bonding in the later stages (Smith, 1986).

  4. Sorting and Grading: Dried veneers are then sorted and graded based on their quality (Smith, 1986).

  5. Gluing and Assembly: The veneers are coated with adhesive and stacked in alternate directions to enhance strength and stability (Smith, 1986).

  6. Pressing: The stacked veneers are subjected to heat and pressure in a hot press, causing the adhesive to cure and form a solid panel (Smith, 1986).

  7. Trimming, Sanding, and Finishing: The pressed sheets are trimmed, sanded, and finished to achieve the final product (Plywood Association of Australia, 2015).

The Price of an Average Sheet of Plywood in the UK

The cost of an average sheet of plywood can vary significantly across the United Kingdom, largely depending on location and the specific retailer.

  1. England: The price range in England varies from around £10 to £50 per sheet (TradePoint, 2022).

  2. Scotland: In Scotland, the cost typically falls within the range of £12 to £55 per sheet (B&Q, 2022).

  3. Wales: Prices in Wales can range from approximately £11 to £52 per sheet (Wickes, 2022).

  4. Northern Ireland: In Northern Ireland, the price for a sheet of plywood can range from £10 to £53 (Homebase, 2022).

These prices are influenced by factors such as plywood grade, thickness, and brand, among others. Always compare prices from different retailers for the best deal.


Different Types of a Sheet of Plywood

Plywood sheets come in a variety of types depending on the raw materials used for their construction. The main categories include:

  1. Softwood Plywood: Commonly derived from pine, cedar, spruce, fir, or redwood, this type is often used for construction and industrial purposes due to its strength and resilience (Wood Products Council, 2022).

  2. Hardwood Plywood: Made from deciduous trees such as oak, birch, maple, or mahogany. Known for its fine grain and high durability, it's widely used in furniture making and interior decoration (Plywood Inspector, 2022).

  3. Tropical Plywood: Manufactured from a mix of tropical timbers, this plywood is superior in density and strength, making it suitable for a variety of construction applications (FAO, 2022).

  4. Aircraft Plywood: A high-strength plywood made from hardwoods like birch, and using adhesive that is resistant to heat and humidity. It's primarily used in the production of aircraft (Wood Magazine, 2022).

Different Manufacturers of Plywood

Several manufacturers around the globe specialize in the production of plywood, offering a variety of types to meet different needs.

  1. Georgia-Pacific is a renowned manufacturer that provides a diverse range of plywood types in North America. Known for their industry-leading quality and consistency, Georgia-Pacific's plywood is used in a variety of construction and DIY projects (Georgia-Pacific, 2022).

  2. Weyerhaeuser is another prominent manufacturer based in the USA, recognized for its sustainable practices and high-quality products. Their plywood is often utilized in residential and commercial building projects due to its resilient properties (Weyerhaeuser, 2022).

  3. Century Plyboards is a leading manufacturer in India, known for its innovative and eco-friendly products. Their plywood portfolio includes both hardwood and softwood varieties, widely employed in furniture making and architectural applications (Century Plyboards, 2022).

  4. SVEZA is a Russian plywood manufacturer, recognized as the largest producer of natural birch plywood. They cater to various industries from construction to furniture making, and their products are famous for their high density and durability (SVEZA, 2022).

  5. Samling is a global timber company based in Malaysia that produces a wide range of plywood products. They specialize in tropical plywood known for its unique aesthetics and durability, making it an excellent choice for interior decoration (Samling, 2022).

If you're interested to understand how you can get the up-to-date prices of a Plywood, or a delivery of several sheets of Plywood, then head to to get started. There, you'll be able to create your Bill of Materials an instantly compare prices from several suppliers in seconds.


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