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Construction machinery near Gabion Basket wall
Gabion Basket Wall (image courtesy of Lantoom Quarry)

History of the Gabion Basket

The Gabion Basket can be traced back to the 1790s with its first use in the English town of Macclesfield. The baskets were used as part of a revetment for a bridge over the Bollin Brook, helping to keep the riverbanks stable and protecting buildings from flooding. Since then, gabion structures have been used in many projects around Europe, particularly in France and Germany.

In 1819, French engineer Jean-Baptiste Villemin published an article in which he described his experiments with metallic cages filled with stones, which he called "gabions". These cages formed a wall around his home that was both durable and aesthetically pleasing. This style of construction soon spread to other parts of Europe, including Germany where it gained popularity among military engineers (Jones & Richards 2015).

Today, gabions are popular among civil engineers due to their versatility and low cost. They are commonly used for erosion control on slopes or for stabilizing stream banks, but they can also be used to construct retaining walls or as decorations in gardens.

Manufacturing process of a gabion basket

The manufacturing process of a gabion basket involves several steps, which can be outlined in the following list:

1. Cutting and preparing the wire mesh according to the size specifications.

2. Assembling the wire mesh into individual boxes or baskets, using double twisted hexagonal mesh for strength and stability.

3. Filling each basket with rocks or gravel, which should be chosen according to size and shape for proper support (McCarthy et al., 2019).

4. Securing all sides of each filled basket with additional wires (McCarthy et al., 2019).

5. Joining the filled baskets together to form larger units if necessary (McCarthy et al., 2019).

6. Finishing the manufactured product by adding sealant or paint if needed (McCarthy et al., 2019).

The price of an average gabion basket in the UK

The price of an average gabion basket in the UK differs significantly between countries. They are as follows, in:

  • England: the price range for an average gabion basket is £50-£150 (GrowDirect, 2020).

  • Scotland: prices range from £45-£200 (Tiger Supplies Ltd., 2020).

  • Wales: prices range from £45-£180 (Vulcan Wire, 2020).

  • Northern Ireland: provides a very large variation in pricing with prices ranging from £20-£250 (Barker & Barker Engineering Ltd., 2020).

Different Types of Gabion Basket

Gabion baskets are unlike any other type of fencing, and come in a variety of forms and sizes. Gabions are made from different materials such as iron mesh, galvanized steel, and even plastic-coated steel wire mesh.

There are 3 types of Gabion Basket, as follows:

Galvanized Steel:

The most common type is the galvanized steel mesh gabion basket, which has a number of advantages over traditional fencing materials.

These include increased strength due to the galvanized steel coating, greater corrosion resistance, improved aesthetics, and easier installation when compared with other types of fencing material. Furthermore, they require no maintenance once installed.

Iron Mesh:

The second type of gabion is made from iron mesh, which offers greater flexibility and can be used to create curved or circular shapes if desired. This provides for more creative designs than those available with traditional fencing products. Additionally, iron mesh gabions are often cheaper than other types of gabions and require less labour during installation.

Plastic-coated Wire Mesh Gabions:

Finally, plastic-coated steel wire mesh gabions offer excellent corrosion resistance as well as a longer lifespan than either iron or galvanized steel options. They do however tend to be more expensive due to the high cost associated with sourcing quality plastic coated wire mesh.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a gabion for your outdoor space there are many options available; each offering unique benefits that should be carefully considered depending on your individual needs and budget constraints. No matter what you choose though you can rest assured knowing that you’re investing in a product that will stand the test of time providing years of durable security for your home or garden!

Different manufacturers of the Gabion Basket

Gabion Baskets are available from a variety of different manufacturers. Some of the more popular ones include Stakrak,, and Enviromesh Gabions (GrowDirect, 2020).

Stakrak, established in 1979, is a leading manufacturer of gabion baskets and reinforced concrete products (Barker & Barker Engineering Ltd., 2020). They offer a variety of popular gabion styles such as welded mesh panels and hexagonal nets throughout the UK and Europe. specializes in creating custom gabions to match exact customer specifications (Wickes, 2020). They use high quality steel wire mesh and galvanised steel for their baskets to ensure long lasting durability and security for any residential or commercial premises (Metalex Security Products, 2020). offers a wide range of options for both domestic and commercial customers looking for landscaping solutions that will last (Wickes, 2020). Their products are made to endure harsh weather conditions while staying aesthetically pleasing to the eye with features such as double twist woven mesh and electroplated finishes.

Enviromesh Gabions offers top quality stone filled baskets, manufactured from corrosion-resistant steel wire mesh (GrowDirect, 2020). They also specialize in constructing both curved as well as linear designs with strength and stability to ensure they have maximum impact on whatever project they are used for.

If you're interested to understand how you can get the up-to-date prices of a Gabion Basket, or a delivery of several Gabion Baskets, then head to to get started. There, you'll be able to create your Bill of Materials an instantly compare prices from several suppliers in seconds.


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